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How to Get American Netflix in Australia

Everyone loves to veg out on some good Netflix. Nothing makes homework better than completely ignoring it and binge-watching Breaking Bad for the fourth time this year. Unless, of course, you live in Australia. Yes, it’s true. Australian Netflix doesn’t include Breaking Bad, or countless other binge-worthy series and thrilling films. Unfortunately, Aussies have to endure a much blander Netflix experience than their American friends across the way. It all comes down to licensing laws that regulate what Netflix is allowed to share in which countries. The good news is, however, that we’ve unlocked the secret of how to get
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Common OpenVPN Error Messages – And How to Fix Them!

openvpn errors
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides you with a way of ‘masking’ your online footprint, thereby significantly improving your online privacy. This is done by creating protected connections called VPN tunnels between your connection and a remote server. To set up a VPN connection there are a couple of popular ways. You can either install a browser extension or download a dedicated VPN client. The browser extension will handle everything and all you really need to do is install it and use it. VPN clients, such as OpenVPN, require manual setup and configuration. VPN clients offer a lot of customizability
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