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Best VPN for BBC iPlayer – Enjoy UK TV Anywhere


    BBC iPlayer is the online library of all the best shows from the UK. With practically all of the past and present reality shows, entertainment, lifestyle, children, and sports events.

    The good news for expat Brits, or anyone around the world who enjoys UK TV, BBC’s geo-restrictions can quickly be bypassed with a VPN so you can watch BBC iPlayer for free.

    What Makes a Top VPN for iPlayer?

    To answer what’s the best VPN for BBC, let’s refresh which features are most important in a VPN service:

    • A VPN service with a significant number of servers in the UK. BBC consistently plays a game of cat and mouse, banning known VPN IP addresses. If your VPN company has a large number of IP addresses you can re-connect and avoid interruption when BBC block IP address ranges.
    • Reliable network infrastructure – Cheap VPN providers cut costs by overloading their system with too many users. Overloading causes episodes to freeze, or picture quality suffering. From personal experience, I know how frustrating it feels when your favorite episodes constantly freeze, requiring the video stream to be restarted.
    • Easy to use VPN client software, which is compatible with standard devices. Eg iPhone, Macbook, Android, and Windows

    VPN Provider Comparision

    FeaturesEasy to setup software, very reliable networkRecommended if you're streaming
    in China
    Great price, reliable service
    Money Back30 Days3 Day Trial7 Days
    Pricing$8.32 monthly$6.67 monthly$3.25 monthly

    Best VPN for Watching UK TV

    #1. ExpressVPN

    express vpn torrents

    We rate ExpressVPN as our preferred VPN for most video streaming requirements. Although priced slightly higher than competitor services, their network is extremely stable, rarely causing video freezing or poor video quality.

    Their award-winning software is also very easy to configure, taking only minutes to complete.

    If you are also using BitTorrent, they offer servers in Hong Kong to help avoid the prying eyes of Western Governments and Hollywood legal firms.

    Top VPN for Watching iPlayer in China

    #1. VyprVPN


    China’s content filtering ‘firewall’ is perhaps the most sophisticated in the world. While the ExpressVPN service is capable of streaming BBC in China, the most reliable service for expat’s is VyprVPN. Their proprietary ‘Chameleon’ software has shown time again that it’s the most reliable streaming through the Chinese national firewall.

    Overall VyprVPN is one of our picks as the best VPN to watch UK TV.

    How do I download the BBC iPlayer App?

    The Google Play store restricts downloading the iPlayer app to only the UK. Luckily there’s a workaround.

    1. If you have a Macbook or PC, connect the ExpressVPN to a UK server.
    2. Open your web browser, log in to Gmail
    3. Open Google Play and search for iPlayer:
    4. Tap ‘Install’ and choose the mobile device that you plan to watch BBC
    bbc iplayer on play store

    Downloading iPlayer with Android:

    Without a Macbook or PC, you can download the iPLayer app via your Mobile device.

    **Important note ** You’ll need to clear the Play Store cache after connecting to the UK VPN. This can be done using the following steps:

    1. Go to the Settings app and tap Apps.
    2. Tap the Google Play Store app listed here and long press on ‘Storage.’
    3. When you release the ‘Storage’ section, a new screen will appear displaying ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’ buttons for the Google Play Store app

    Downloading iPlayer with iPhone:

    If you have a Macbook or PC:

    1. Setup a new iTunes account
    2. Log out of iTunes.
    3. Tap “Create new Apple Id”.
    4. At the bottom of the iTunes Store, select the region as the UK.ipad-country-select-uk
    5. Tap”Find.”
    6. Tap “Get.”
    7. Create a new account and choose the option “no credit card”.
    8. Create a username and password.
    9. Enter a new email address.
    10. Choose ‘none’ for Billing Information.
    11. From your iPhone or iPad, log out of your previous iTunes account and use the new UK account.

    Install iPlayer on Kodi

    1. Navigate to the Videos option on the main Menu.
    2. Click on the Add-ons tab.
    3. Click the option that says ‘Get more’ at the bottom.
    4. Click the button ‘iPlayer WWW’ addon for Kodi.
    5. Click on the Install option.
    6. Exit from the add-ons area back to the home screen.
    7. Select ‘Videos’ on the home screen, then ‘Video Add-ons’ and you’ll now see ‘iPlayer WWW’ add-on.
    8. Enjoy watching BBC!

    Best Practices For Streaming BBC iPlayer Outside UK

    There are a couple of easy steps that you can take to improve the streaming experience watching BBC iPlayer. Often simple changes can make a big difference to your streaming experience overseas.

    Try making these updates if BBC iPlayer VPN is not working:

    1. Test your VPN connection can successfully stream iPlayer before you leave Britain if you’re planning a trip. All of our preferred VPN suppliers include a money back guarantee, so if you’re unable to set up iPlayer, ask for a refund and try one another recommended provider.
    2. If you’re using a laptop with a Network (Ethernet) port, and your hotel or home has access to a wired port, always use it! WiFi networks add a slight delay, and sometimes this additional latency causing havoc streaming videos.
    3. If you don’t have access to a wired network, use WiFi rather than your smartphone carrier. You probably wouldn’t use a Telco carrier anyway, because the data downloads will be costly. Modern 4G connections can handle iPlayer without issues, but 3G, GSM or CDMA often cause a frustrating viewing experience.

    We hope that our guide helps you enjoy watching BBC iPlayer in Aus, US or Canada!


      1. I’m using VPN on my Kodi Krypton Ubuntu box. It was working perfect, but now when the iPlayer add-on tries to update – I get this error:
        “ERROR: CAddonInstallJob[]: The dependency on inputstream.adaptive version 1.0.6 could not be satisfied.”

        You know what the problem is?

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