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Which is the Best VPN for Connecting Multiple Devices?

    vpn for maximum concurrent connections

    Last updated: 4th Feb 2018

    With the number of home tech devices growing rapidly, privacy concerned owners need to ensure they’re all protected from the prying eyes of ad companies and governments. So it makes sense to check the number of connected devices allowed by VPN services before buying.

    Best VPNs for Simultaneous Connections

    LocationPanamaHong KongHong KongDenmark
    Max Devices6520Unlimited
    Multiple LocationsUp to 6Up to 5NoNo
    Refund30 Day7 DayTrial14 Day

    Simultaneous connections can refer to a couple of situations:

    •         Number of devices connecting to your VPN provider from an IP address

    For example, a Smartphone, Macbook, and Chromebook connected from your home internet at the same time. A VPN provider which allows 3 connections from an IP address will be sufficient in this example. But if you try connecting an iPad while the other devices are connected to your VPN it will fail.

    •         Number of devices connected to your VPN provider at the same time from any location.

    For example, a Smartphone, Macbook, and Chromebook connected at the same time from your Home or Office, WiFi or LTE cellular data networks or Cafe. In this case, you’ll need a VPN which allows three IP addresses connected simultaneously.

    Why would you need multiple devices connected to a VPN?

    1.    Homes that use a lot of tech devices
    2.    Small businesses who use a VPN service to manage their notebooks, smartphones, and tablets devices
    3.    Individuals concerned with online privacy who own many devices


    What types of device is able to use a VPN?

    • Desktop Computer
    • Macbook or Notebook
    • Smartphone
    • Home Theatre PC
    • Video Game Console
    • Home Internet Router
    • Tablet or iPad
    • Smart TV

    The popularity of OpenVPN configs or easy to use Smartphone apps makes connecting a VPN simple.

    Here’s the top VPN’s for simultaneous devices connected.

    #1. NordVPN

    NordVPN Home


    • 475 servers based in 41 different countries
    • 6 devices permitted from anywhere at the same time
    • 30 Day money back guarantee
    • Accepts Bitcoin
    • No logs


    • IPv6 blocked

    Our top recommendation is NordVPN for buyers who require multiple devices protected via VPN.

    NordVPN allows to 6 devices connected from anywhere in the world to be connected at any time. So you can move between Hotels, Restaurants, and Work without worrying about being disconnected.

    Included is military grade encryption for peace of mind your confidential data isn’t being spied upon.

    Is setting up 6 devices easy with NordVPN?

    Yes, although each of your devices will need to use a different protocol in the NordVPN app settings.

    If you have upwards of 10+ devices which you would like protected, NordVPN allow router-based VPN’s so all home or office-based devices can be connected simultaneously and only counted as one device – leaving 5 addition devices able to use their network.

    • $5.75 month (Annual plan)
    • Panama based company

    #2. PureVPN

    PureVPN Home


    • Supports IPv6
    • Accepts Bitcoin
    • OpenVPN configs
    • Permits all SMTP


    • Time stamps and bandwidth logs
    • Blocks some types of P2P traffic

    If you’re looking for the lowest priced VPN with up to 5 permitted devices – PureVPN is a worthy consideration. Up to 5 devices are allowed simultaneously from the same country, 1 less than NordVPN.

    PureVPN has a high-performance network, which we’ve also rated as a top selection for streaming geo-blocked content.

    With 500 servers across 141 different countries, you’ll be able to connect with a server practically anywhere in the world.

    If your home enjoys Mainland Chinese content, PureVPN is one of only a few providers with servers in Shanghai and Shenzhen – so enjoy KuGou on 5 gadgets at the same time.

    Try the PureVPN network with a 7-day money back guarantee.

    • $3.25 monthly (2-year plan)
    • Hong Kong company

    #3. LimeVPN

    LimeVPN Home


    • Strong encryption AES-256
    • Doesn’t log traffic
    • Accepts Bitcoin
    • OpenVPN configs
    • Socks Proxy available
    • 19 servers in 10 countries available


    • Time stamps and bandwidth logs
    • IPv6 not supported
    • Blocks some types of SMTP traffic

    If you’re looking for a VPN which allows multiple devices from the same IP address, LimeVPN is a great solution.

    Their ‘Pro’ package allows 20 connections at the same time, 14 more than the NordVPN limit. One important difference is all 20 connections need to be from the same internet link. If you move a device and login to the LimeVPN network remaining services will be disconnected.

    For buyers who only need 2 concurrent devices using your VPN account, Lime have a basic plan for $1.49 a month when purchased with an annual plan.

    • $14.98 monthly (annual plan)
    • Hong Kong company

    #4. Unlocator

    Unlocator Home


    • Smart DNS servers for Streaming BBC iPlayer, Hulu or HBO Now
    • P2P Traffic allowed
    • Servers in 6 countries
    • One of the Cheapest VPN’s ‘per connection’
    • Free Trial


    • Traffic logging
    • Logs IP address of connected devices
    • Bitcoin payment isn’t accepted
    • No IPv6 support

    A Danish-based company which allows unlimited devices connected from the same internet connection.

    Unlocator is ideal for users who need to work around geo-blocked content. All devices in your home can stream BBC iPlayer at the same time, with an iPad, MacBook or Kodi.

    Even if you purchase the monthly plan, you can stream overseas content, and protect your browsing for under $5 on unlimited devices.

    • $4.17 monthly (Annual Plan)

    Important Consideration

    Although choosing a VPN which allows a sufficient number connected devices is important, we strongly suggest also considering each provider’s privacy, network bandwidth and reliability.

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