Buffered VPN is one of the many VPNs (virtual private network) available worldwide. VPNs will encrypt all of the data that your computer sends and receives while online, making it impossible for hackers to see what you are doing. Some VPNs may take liberty with tracking your online history, but Buffered VPN never records your online history.


Offering unlimited bandwidth, easy to adjust settings, and multiple connections, Buffered VPN is a good fit for most people. The money back guarantee offers security that you will enjoy using this software – the 30 day time period is more than enough time to make this decision.


Downloading and installing Buffered VPN is incredibly easy. After choosing and paying for a pricing plan, simply to go the part of their website that offers the downloads. Select the type of computer and system that you are using and easily download the software. You’ll have to install it after the download, and then you have it up and running.


Buffered VPN takes its promise to not log your online activity seriously. Nothing you do or say online can ever be traced back to your computer and to you. By using the most secure encryption available, Buffered VPN offers a high level of security. Users can choose to adjust their personal settings to optimize either security or speed, but neither will ever be compromised.


Buffered VPN has three pricing options available to its customers. The first is a monthly billing that runs $12.99. If you are interested in paying for six months at a time then your bill would be $59.94. This breaks down to $9.99 a month – a savings of 23% and is billed twice yearly. The final and best payment option is a yearly option of $99.00.

This means that each month would cost only $8.25 and equals a savings of 36% over the monthly pay option. Whether you’re just getting started with Buffered VPN or know that you want to commit to a longer time, there is a pricing plan available to meet your needs.


Along with a great reputation, Buffered VPN has a long list of other pros. The low rates combined with the fast connection speed and unlimited bandwidth have earned them a lot of loyal customers. It’s easy to get started with Buffered VPN and it will work on almost any computer.


Buffered VPN is a growing company, and as such doesn’t currently offer live support. This can be frustrating for users who are running into trouble, but it does boast a fast response time. This company also has a smaller network of servers than some of its competitors.

No matter if this is your first time checking into a VPN or you are already using a competitor, Buffered VPN deserves a longer look. It boasts fast speed, a staff that is available to help 24/7 via the website if you have trouble, and amazing security and safety features. With servers in 37 countries, Buffered VPN is working hard to become the best in the game.

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