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Building a VPN Server for Your Android Phone or Tablet

    building_a_vpn_server_for_your_android_phone_or_tabletWant to know more about how to setup a VPN server? Setting up your own VPN server android, commonly referred to as a virtual private network, is probably easier than you may believe. Gone are the days of needing special training or years of study to get your own private and dedicated VPN up and running.

    The good news is that you only need two simple things to make your own private server. If you are still interest in how to setup a VPN server, then you must get the correct kind of hosting and the right kind of server software.

    The actual procedure for setting up your VPN is very easy if you have the right hosting and software, and to make things even better the actual software that you use to power your VPN server with is actually free, it won’t cost you a penny at all.

    There is no reason to pay anyone for VPN access or accounts, as you’re able do it yourself once you know what’s involved.

    The very first thing your VPN server needs is the correct type of hosting. You can’t use standard internet hosting to power your VPN, and that means you will need to get something a tad bit more powerful called VPS hosting or a VPS.

    A VPS is really a virtual dedicated server, and the benefit of using one for your VPN is that they provide the power needed to run a VPN but they are extremely cheap, about the same price as standard website hosting. Many hosts all over the world should be able to provide you with VPS hosting for about $5 to $10 USD every month.

    The price for a VPS is about the same as what you would spend on standard web hosting, so you don’t have to bother with high monthly costs to maintain your VPN going. Once you have got your VPS, all you need to do next is download and install the VPN server software.

    The most effective VPN software on the market today is Open VPN server android. It is an SSL VPN which makes it extremely secure and stable. What makes this software the most effective to use when setting up your VPN? Not only is it extremely powerful, but it is also completely free.

    OpenVPN allows you to do just about everything that other commercial VPN server software is able to do and more. Installing this software requires you to login to your VPS and download the necessary software components, and this process of setting up your VPN is just about the most challenging to do, if you do not know how.

    Once you know the actual steps involved you can actually have your VPN server up and running in only ten to fifteen minutes.