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How to Bypass Geo-Restrictions around the Globe


    Geo-restrictions limit your ability to access content online from any location in the world. Companies that stream content online usually limit the places that you can access their content. There are various reasons as to why companies impose geo-restrictions on their content. However, the most important one is that the businesses that stream content over the internet have to sign agreements with the companies that create the content.

    Content owners may control the regions in which service providers stream the content. However, you can still bypass the geographical restrictions that the companies place on their content and watch content from anywhere in the world. Here is a detailed guide on how you can bypass geo-restrictions around the globe.

    How to Bypass Geo-Restrictions

    The principle of bypassing geo-restrictions is simple: you have to change your IP address to match the regions in which the streaming companies stream content. The servers of the companies that stream content can detect your location by examining your IP address. Therefore, if you manage to change your IP address to a different one, you will be able to deceive the servers about your location.

    Methods That You Can Use to Bypass Geo-Restrictions

    Here are some of the ways that you can use to bypass geo-restrictions from anywhere in the world successfully. These methods are effective because they conceal your real IP address and make it possible for you to access content from the servers of companies that stream content online. However, you need to bear in mind the fact that these methods have varying levels of effectiveness. Whereas some are highly effective in helping you bypass geo-restrictions, others are less effective.

    #1. Proxy Servers

    Proxy servers are a particular type of servers which you can use to contact websites instead of using your real servers. There is nothing special in the manner in which a proxy server works. At the basic level, a proxy server works as the go-between between you and the website you would like to contact.

    For example, if you wish to contact a site that only streams its content to clients who are in the United States, you will have to use a proxy server that is in the United States. The server then contacts the video-streaming website on your behalf. Because of this arrangement, the video-streaming site cannot detect that you are the person behind the traffic of the proxy server.

    However, you need to remember that many websites now have the capacity to identify traffic from proxy servers. When sites detect traffic that is originating from proxy servers, they easily block the traffic, thus rendering this method useless. Currently, you may find it difficult to bypass the restrictions that major websites place on their content. However, you may still use the method to bypass restrictions on some sites.

    #2. Smart DNS

    A Smart DNS performs better than a Proxy server when you have to bypass geo-restrictions. Similarly, a Smart DNS works in a more complicated way than the way a Proxy server works. In the first place, a Smart DNS hides your IP address.

    By hiding your IP address, a Smart DNS makes it possible for you to access the content of websites from any location. For example, if you have to access content that a particular site restricts to countries in Europe, you will have to use an IP address of one of the countries that in Europe.

    When using a Smart DNS, you can choose your preferred country. The service then gives you a false IP address that shows you are in your country of choice. You can then use the IP address to successfully access any website that restricts its content to specific countries.

    Therefore, a Smart DNS is one of the most effective methods that you can use to bypass geo-restrictions anywhere around the globe. One important thing that you need to remember when choosing a Smart DNS service to use is the pricing plan. It is always better to use services that charge expensively but offer highly efficient services than to use free services that rely on advertisements.

    #3. VPN Services

    Using a VPN is the third method that you can use to bypass geo-restrictions around the globe. Compared to the other two methods discussed here, a VPN provides a more efficient method that you can use to overcome geo-restrictions. One of the things that make a VPN the most effective method is that it encrypts the traffic between clients. A VPN service encrypts your traffic before channeling it via highly secure tunnels.

    VPN services have servers in different regions of the world. You can select any server that you would like to use. The service then gives you a localized IP address that matches your server and country selection. You can then proceed to access any website in the world using your VPN server-generated IP address. Using this IP address, you can successfully overcome geo-restrictions from anywhere in the world.

    As it is the case with the other methods, you have to be careful when choosing a VPN service to use. There are many VPN services on the market. Therefore, you need to consider many factors such as the type of encryption that a service uses and its pricing plan before making a decision.

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    In conclusion, these are the most effective methods that you can use to bypass geo-restrictions around the globe. The essence of all these methods is that they hide your IP address or give you an entirely new one and make it possible for you to access restricted content.

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