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How to Get Hulu Plus in Australia (or Anywhere Outside the US)

    How To Get Hulu In Australia

    Hulu has assembled a vast library of programming, but unfortunately, geo blocks restrict sign up for US residents only.

    We’ll show you some easy steps to get Hulu in Australia and have a confirmed account in under an hour.

    How to Get Past Hulu Region Blocking

    Hulu’s servers automatically recognize when your smartphone or Mac is connecting outside any of the 50 US states.
    We can quickly work around the geo block, using a Smart DNS service, Unlocator. Unlocator provides a free trial, so it’s easy to check if their service suits your needs.

    Just provide your name, email and payment details, and you’ll be ready in a few minutes.
    See the screenshot below; you‘ll need the three green arrows displayed, so it seems for Hulu you’re in America.

    unlocator setup hulu confirmed

    How do you know Unlocator is working? Visit Hulu and if you see a button to ‘Start Your Free Trial’ this confirms you’re ready to signup.

    hulu working via unlocator smart dns

    How to Get American Hulu in Canada, Aus, NZ or UK

    How to Sign Up for Hulu in Australia

    Step #1 – Enter email, password, date of birth

    setup hulu step 2 for australians

    The next obstacle is Hulu’s verification of your payment billing address. Australian credit cards will fail at the final step, as your Aussie address will fail the verification check. So how do you signup to Hulu Plus without US credit card?

    So how do you signup to Hulu Plus without US credit card? Here are two different methods, I prefer the first as it’s quicker and requires brainpower.

    Buy a prepaid US debit card from this seller.

    Purchase $25USD credit for $40, which is enough for 3 months of Hulu Plus. Importantly the pre-paid credit card provides a US Zip code which Hulu accepts during signup. Remember that Oregon and Delaware addresses are sales tax exempt, so you save approximately 9%.

    Step #2 – Enter credit card or Paypal

    setup hulu step 3 for australians

    How to Use Paypal for Hulu

    1. Connect to US VPN server and confirm you have an American IP address. (Search google for what is my IP address, and your location is displayed).
    2. Visit and register a new account. Use an email address which isn’t connected to your Australian Paypal account.
    3. Now enter a valid US address and phone number. This address doesn’t have to match your Australian credit card. Use a site such as to generate a US phone number.
    4. Create a US postal address for free at
    5. Now your Paypal account is almost set up. Add your credit card into Paypal, but importantly you’ll need to use these details:
    6. Australian street address. Example: 21 George Street
    7. Use the US City and State that you used previously. These are the details supplied by
    8. Convert your AU postcode, to a US Zip Code by adding ‘01’ to the end. Example: 2038 = 20301
    9. Check the city and state this zip code is located:
    11. Washington, DC
    12. Enter Washington, DC into your new Paypal account in the city, state and zip code fields.
    13. Submit your billing details, and your US Paypal account should now be confirmed.
    setup hulu step 4 for Australians
    Payment via Paypal is available in ‘Express Options’

    There you have it. By using a Smart DNS service such as Unlocator or VPN you can watch American Hulu Pro from anywhere.

    We hope you enjoy streaming your favourite Hulu shows.

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