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How to Reduce Your Digital Fingerprint to Protect Online Privacy

    How to Reduce Your Digital Fingerprint to Protect Online Privacy

    Privacy today is absolutely critical, especially since the world has become much smaller.

    The internet has completely and totally transformed the way that we go about our daily lives, but it has brought together communities that would have otherwise been kept in complete and total solitary confinement from one another – connecting small towns in the southern USA to cities in China (for example), and bringing the globe in contact with one another like never before in human history.

    This has made it easier for cyber criminals to steal our personal and private information, and honestly, the proliferation of online services and mobile devices have made it even easier. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn’t handle at least some of their banking on their smart phone, for example – and that is a cyber criminal’s dream scenario.

    On top of that, social media has infiltrated all corners of our lives to the point where it’s possible for anyone – including complete strangers – to find out more about our lives than even our closest friends and family members. If you want to regain as much of the privacy that we have all lost as possible, you need to melt off your digital fingerprints by utilizing the tips and tricks below.

    Eliminate security flaws ASAP

    The most important thing you can do – and the first thing that you MUST do – when you are serious about privacy online today is understanding where your largest security flaws are and then plugging up those holes as quickly as you possibly can.

    Our browsers and our computers track every single movement that we make, reporting it back to our IP service, and that creates a profile (using cookies) that anyone can access and learn as much about us as possible. By using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), or proxy servers and proxy chains you are able to block as much of this tracking as you can – and it’s one of the essentials you will need to implement to enjoy effective privacy online.

    Fall in love with encryption

    The second thing you need to do is really fall in love with encryption technology, taking advantage of it to cover your tracks and even race your online fingerprint as much as technically possible.

    There are a variety of different encryption protocols you can utilize, solutions and services like virtual machines that operate fake operating systems inside of operating systems to obfuscate EVERYTHING you do on the computer and online. These are the kinds of steps you will need to take to enjoy complete and total privacy and anonymity online, though there are less extreme things you can do to provide a little bit less protection but many of the same benefits.

    At the end of the day, you really have to be conscious about everything you do online if you’re going to be protecting your privacy and keeping your personal and private data exactly that – personal and private. This is definitely something you’ll want to research, preferably in the INCOGNITO MODE of your favorite browser behind a VPN!

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