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How to Watch BT Sport Abroad – Unblock with VPN


    BT Sport is one of the most popular TV stations for sport in the UK. But unfortunately for British travelers, BT Sport online has a geo-block, making it isn’t available outside of the UK.

    So, is there a workaround to watch BT Sport online in the US, Spain, NZ or Australia? You bet there is, and that’s why we’ve written this guide, showing it’s cheap and easy to setup BT Sports streaming.

    What’s the Workaround?

    Using a VPN provider which makes it appear to BT Sport that you’re in the UK, by using a United Kingdom IP address.

    Our two recommended VPN providers are not only cheap, but they can unlock video streaming services from all across the world.

    See our US, Canadian and Australian How-To guides to see how many channels are available.

    FeaturesEasy to setup, very reliable networkRecommended when
    streaming in China
    Great price
    Money Back30 Days3 Day Trial7 Days
    Pricing$8.32 monthly$6.67 monthly$3.25 monthly

    Which BT Sports Channels Can I Unblock with a VPN?

    Any online channels work through a VPN. So you won’t miss a minute of the EPL news, NBA, Formula One, MLB or Champions League.


    Which Features do I look for in a VPN to Watch IPL?

    1. Diverse Server Locations
      One of the most important features to look for when choosing a VPN to stream BT Sport is sufficient servers based in the UK.VPN providers with only a single geographic location are frustrating for customers. Our preferred providers have several locations based across the UK.
    2. Reliable VPN network infrastructure
      Cheap VPN providers lower costs by overloading their systems. Oversubscription causes problems with TV channels freezing or picture quality.
    3. Easy to use VPN client software
      Compatible with modern devices. Eg iPhone, Macbook, Android, and Windows

    Best VPN for Streaming BT Sport – ExpressVPN

    express vpn torrents

    We rate ExpressVPN as our preferred VPN for video streaming services. Although their pricing is higher than some competitors, their network is extremely stable, rarely freezing or causing poor video quality.

    Their award winning software is also easy to configure and takes minutes to set up.

    ExpressVPN UK Server Locations

    1. London
    2. Berkshire
    3. Chessington
    4. Kent
    5. Maidenhead

    Also, if you use BitTorrent, they have servers based in Hong Kong to avoid the prying eyes of Governments.

    PureVPN – A Reliable Cheaper Alternative

    PureVPN is another VPN that can reliably stream BT Sports from most locations around the globe. In my testing, I found their software easy to setup, and the video stream worked reliably for hours each time.

    PureVPN Servers in the UK

    1. Maidenhead
    2. London
    3. Leicester
    4. Gosport
    5. Manchester

    Overall PureVPN is one of our favourite picks as the best VPN to watch BT Sport.

    Best Practices For Streaming BT Sport Outside the UK

    There are a couple of easy steps that you can take to improve the streaming experience watching BT Sport.

    My BT App

    These simple setups can make a big difference to your streaming experience overseas.

    Try these updates if BT Sport through a VPN isn’t working:

    1. Test your VPN connection can successfully stream BT Sport before leaving the UK. Our preferred VPN suppliers include a money back guarantee, so if you’re unable to get the setup working, request a refund and try another provider.
    2. If you’re using a laptop with a Network (Ethernet) port, and your hotel or home has access to a wired port, always use it! WiFi networks add a slight delay and often overloaded with other users. This additional latency when abroad causes havoc streaming TV.
    3. If you don’t have access to a wired network, use WiFi rather than your Telco carrier. You probably wouldn’t use a Telco carrier anyway, due to the data roaming charges. Modern 4G connections will handle BT Sport without any issues, but 3G, GSM or CDMA (especially in developing countries) cause a frustrating experience.

    We hope that our guide helps you enjoy BT Sports Online and avoid the geoblock!

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