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How to Watch Channel 4 in Australia – Enjoy 4oD Outside the UK

    How To Watch Channel 4 In Australia

    If you want to watch All 4 (4oD) in Australia, (or anywhere outside of the United Kingdom), this detailed guide is perfect for you. We’re going to share instructions to make streaming All 4 easy.

    What is All 4?

    All 4 is a video-on-demand service offered by Channel 4. Initially launched as 4oD, short for “4 on demand”, streaming only worked via a home computer. Online channels are now accessible via gaming consoles and apps for both iOS and Android operating systems.

    All 4 allows access to watch up to thirty days of the programming, just as you’re able to do with BBC iPlayer.

    Channel 4’s ‘All 4’ platform doesn’t cost a cent to access. If you live outside of the United Kingdom, non-UK residents can use a virtual private network (a VPN).

    How to Watch 4oD with a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    Luckily there’s a simple, cheap workaround – use a VPN. VPNs bypass the block from Channel 4, making your device appear as if you’re in the UK, even though you’re watching from Sydney, Perth, Bangkok or Los Angeles.

    Our recommended VPN providers below all support, Windows, iPhone, iPad (iOS), and Android.

    ServersLondon, Berkshire, Chessington, Kent, MaidenheadLondonLondon,
    FeaturesEasy to setup software, very reliable networkRecommended if you're streaming in ChinaGreat price, reliable service
    Money Back30 Days3 Day Trial7 Days
    Pricing$8.32 monthly$6.67 monthly$3.33 monthly

    Use one of the UK VPN servers to avoid being blocked from enjoying All 4. VPNs aren’t just useful for watching All 4 out of the UK. Just select a server in the UK to stream 4oD content easily.

    The Best VPN for Channel 4
    express vpn torrents

    From our testing, we’ve found ExpressVPN offer the best streaming performance at a competitive price.


    • In our testing, they provide the fastest download speeds, which is the most important feature when judging a VPN provider for watching sports (who wants your favourite shows buffering with only a few minutes left).
    • Express VPN also provide consistent network availability. In other words, there are a few providers which have download speeds comparable to Express VPN, but their networks are offline more often or slow down with too many clients connected at the same time.
    • Servers in 5 separate UK locations: London, Berkshire, Chessington, Kent, Maidenhead

    Watch Channel 4 Abroad With VyprVPN


    VyprVPN is one of the oldest providers on the market. In this time they’ve built a fast, reliable network across the globe. If you’re based in China, they’re our number #1 pick.

    China’s high-tech firewall often causes havoc with low-cost VPN providers, causing network connection issues streaming Channel 4. We recommended using the VyprVPN ‘Pro’ service, it’s been the most reliable Virtual Private network service for access outside of China.


    • VyprVPN have designed a proprietary protocol ‘Chameleon,’ which has been the most consistent VPN service capable of working through the China Internet filtering systems. **Vypr’s basic service doesn’t support Chameleon.**
    • Vypr is another premium VPN provider like ExpressVPN and provides a seamless experience watching All4 outside the UK
    • VyprVPN has London based servers

    Budget-Friendly VPN Option

    pia vpn service for channel 4

    Our budget-priced option for streaming 4oD is Private Internet Access (PIA). In speed testing, they’re slightly slower than ExpressVPN, but in real-world situations, it doesn’t affect the viewing experience.


    • Cheapest VPN service in our top list
    • Server locations in London and Southampton

    Hollyoaks - watch channel 4oD from Australia

    Which All 4 Live Channels Are Available in Australia?

    You’ll be able to watch all Channel 4 content, in its original format.

    Check out E4, for younger viewers between the ages of sixteen and mid-thirties. E4 provides some great shows including Hollyoaks, Desperate Housewives and Big Brother.

    Another option is More4, suited for viewers between the ages of thirty-five and sixty. More4 is all about going beyond news headlines and offering opinions and facts which are in-depth.

    At one time, Film4 was available via subscription. Now, it’s free to access and its features excellent digital television options from Britain. It also provides films, in standard definition (they aren’t high-definition movies).

    Another choice to consider is 4seven. This channel is so convenient, as it gives viewers the opportunity to catch up on the last week of TV broadcasting.

    If you love music, you should take the time to enjoy 4Music. This channel is the best place to view new releases of single. As well, it offers a countdown show. If you every enjoyed MTV, when MTV was new and all about music and music you’ll, you’ll love 4Music.

    Another option is 4Shorts. It displays a host of shorter pieces on a dizzying array of topics.

    Which Streaming Platforms Work With 4oD?

    This streaming platform is currently available on Windows, Android, Mac/PC, Apple iPhone/iPad, Roku, YouView, Now TV, TiVo, Xbox One/Xbox 360, Samsung/Panasonic Smart TV and PS3/PS4. It’s also available via SkyBox.

    ** Due to Channel  4’s encryption, Kodi doesn’t currently have any add-ons for viewing Channel 4. **

    levison wood - walking-the-himalayas
    Watch Levison Wood in Walking the Himalayas on Channel 4

    4oD Has An On-Demand Service

    In addition to all of the perks and benefits that we’ve already discussed, 4oD provides on-demand service, via Channel 4. This service is one hundred percent free to access and it comes with More4 and E4.

    You’ll love the on-demand viewing choices. Watch the gripping drama, Homeland, or laugh it up while enjoying The Big Bang Theory. Other shows to consider include Made in Chelsea. Gogglebox, 24 Hours in Police Custody, Hollyoaks, How Rich Are You?, Catch Up, Speed With Guy Martin, Car S.O.S., Glue, Come Dine With Me and NFL: American Football Live.

    There are stations which aren’t accessible via All 4. However, lots of channels may be enjoyed via the online All 4 platform. You’ll find that there is a TV show, single or film available which is perfect for the mood that you’re in, whether your mood is light-hearted or a little darker! There are so much breadth and variety to All 4. You’ll never, ever get bored!

    Check our guide for watching Hulu in Australia or other geo-blocked content.

    How to watch channel 4
    • ExpressVPN
    • VyprVPN
    • Private Internet Access


    Would you like to watch 4oD in Asia, Australia, or the USA? We show you How to Watch Ch4 Overseas, and which is the Best VPN for the job

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