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Watch Foxtel Go Overseas – Don’t Miss any Live Sport During Your Next Holiday


    Foxtel streaming is practically a ‘must-have’ app for Australian Summer sports lovers (or Wentworth fans).

    But if you’re wondering does the Foxtel go app work overseas? – no, it doesn’t due to Geo restrictions. Expat Aussies or travelers soon find that Foxtel ‘block’ their app with Geo Restrictions, so you can’t watch Foxtel Go.


    This is what you see when opening Foxtel Go abroad

    Luckily there’s a simple, cheap workaround, VPN services. VPNs bypass the limitations set up by the Pay TV network, by making your device appear as if you’re in Australia, even though you’re watching from Bali, Thailand, USA or Europe. The recommended VPN providers below all support, Windows, iPhone, iPad (iOS), and Android.

    Service Provider Comparison

    FeaturesEasy to setup software, very reliable networkRecommended if you're streaming in ChinaGreat price, reliable service
    Money Back30 Days3 Day Trial7 Days
    Pricing$8.32 monthly$6.67 monthly$3.33 monthly

    Best VPN for Foxtel Go

    express vpn torrents

    Our recommended VPN for watching Foxtel Go overseas is Express VPN.


    • In our testing, they provide the fastest download speeds, which is the most important feature when judging a VPN provider for watching sports (who wants your game buffering with 1 minutes left in the match)
    • Express VPN also provide consistent network availability. In other words, there are a few providers which have download speeds comparable to Express VPN, but their networks are offline more often or slow down with too many clients connected at the same time.
    • Servers in Sydney and Melbourne

    Watching Foxtel Go in China


    China’s high-tech firewall often causes havoc with low-cost VPN providers, causing network connection issues streaming Foxtel Go. We recommended using the VyprVPN ‘Pro’ service, it’s been the most reliable Virtual Private network service for access outside of China.


    • VyprVPN have designed a proprietary protocol ‘Chameleon,’ which has been the most consistent VPN service capable of working through the China Internet filtering systems. **Vypr’s basic service doesn’t support Chameleon.**
    • VyprVPN is slightly more expensive than Express VPN services but will provide a seamless experience watching Foxtel Go in China
    • VyprVPN provides a Perth server, in addition to Sydney and Melbourne

    Other VPN Providers

    Another good option for streaming Foxtel is Private Internet Access. In speed testing, they’re slightly slower than Express VPN, but in the real world, this doesn’t affect the viewing experience.


    • Cheapest VPN service in our top list
    • Server locations in Sydney and Melbourne.

    Does Foxtel Go Work Overseas in any Country?

    Generally yes, but it’s difficult in countries with slow internet infrastructure (yes, there are countries that have slower Internet than Australia… but not many).

    In the countries that I’ve traveled to, Cuba and Central America struggled to steam Foxtel Go. I also couldn’t get streaming to work while in a few African countries.

    Best Practices for Streaming.

    There are a few steps you can take to improve the viewing experience of Foxtel Go, that can make the difference between watching your favorite A league team or not.

    These are:

    1. Test your VPN connection can successfully stream Foxtel before you leave Australia. All of our preferred VPN suppliers include a money back guarantee so if you’re not happy with the viewing experience, or the app just doesn’t work. Ask for a refund and try one another recommended provider.
    2. If you’re using a laptop with a Network (Ethernet) port and have access to a wired port, use it! WiFi networks, although they only add marginal latency, sometimes this is enough to prevent steaming.
    3. Use WiFi rather than your local mobile carrier. You probably wouldn’t use a Telco carrier anyway, because the data downloads will be expensive. 4G connections will handle Foxtel Go, but 3G, GSM or CDMA will provide a frustrating streaming experience.

    One of the other bonuses of watching Foxtel Go over a VPN is you won’t need an expensive VPN provider because you don’t require the complicated logging or security features with buyers concerned about privacy.

    Enjoy watching Aussie Foxtel overseas!

    Best VPN for Foxtel
    • ExpressVPN
    • Private Internet Access
    • VyprVPN


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      1. Hi Karl
        I’m traveling through Thailand and Vietnam with the Express VPN setup, and so far it’s working well.

        Do you know why a couple of Hotels the video stops, and we need to close and reopen the Foxtel Go app?

        1. I’ve used Express & PureVPN to watch my Netflix US account. They all work well, but if you can afford ExpressVPN they’d be my first pick.
          – Cheers Karl

      2. Anyone used PIA? I’ve just installed it on my iPhone and foxtel go still won’t work (currently in central Africa), I logged out of the foxtel app and signed back in, anything else I should try?

        1. Hi DS,
          We recommend using ExpressVPN for Foxtel Go/Now overseas.

          Just install the Express VPN iPhone app, select “L2TP – Ipsec” in settings, choose an Australian server – and you’ll be watching Foxtel in under 10 minutes.

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