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How to Watch Netflix US in Spain – Unblock When Abroad

    watching netflix usa in spain – espana flag

    Can you watch Netflix in Spain?

    The good news is yes! But due to broadcasting laws, Netflix isn’t allowed to broadcast all of it’s US shows to viewers in Espana. Read on below to learn how you can quickly unblock the restriction and watch your favorite Netflix programs in Madrid, Barcelona, or anywhere in Spain.

    If you’re an American planning a vacation to Spain, or an expat abroad – here’s how you can watch the US catalog of Netflix.

    If you don’t have a Netflix account, before creating an account, sign-up for a VPN service. This is required because of Netflix geo block customers abroad from their US catalog. It’s essential that you have a US IP address, so Netflix recognizes you’re eligible to watch their US video catalog.

    Our Favorite VPN Services for Streaming in Espana

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    For readers who already have a Netflix account (US, or anywhere else in the globe), you’ll need to login to Netflix with an IP address that’s based in the US (tip: Use an East Coast server for best performance).

    Best VPN for Netflix US in Spain

    express vpn torrents

    Our recommended VPN for watching Netflix in Spain is Express VPN.


    • In our testing, they provide the fastest connection speeds, which is the most important feature when evaluating a VPN provider for watching video (who wants the season finale show buffering with 1 minute left)
    • Express VPN also provide the most consistent network availability. In other words, there are some VPN providers ‘almost’ as fast as Express VPN, but their network has more outages or slows down because of too many client connections.
    • More data center locations across the United States than other top-rated VPN services, providing the best ‘user experience’ for their customers.

    We highly recommend Express VPN and PureVPN as our preferred VPN suppliers. Other VPN providers have been known to get their IP addresses blocked by Netflix, making them unable to stream shows.

    Here’s how to change the country on Netflix account:

    1. Install the Express VPN software on your smartphone, Macbook or Laptop
    2. Open the Express VPN software client and connect to a US based server
    3. Start the Netflix app or go to the Netflix website. (
    4. Enjoy that country’s library of Netflix shows!

    How to change the country on Your Netflix account using DNS tunneling or Smart DNS

    1. Install and switch on your Smart DNS-enabled Netflix app.
    2. Log in using your Netflix password.
    3. Enjoy any country’s library of Netflix shows!

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