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How to Watch Sky Go Abroad – Unblock the EPL Action Anywhere


    Sky Go is one of the most downloaded apps in Britain. Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions, it’s not possible to watch programs on Sky Go when you’re abroad.

    We have written a cheap and simple guide which shows how to watch Sky while traveling in the US, Australia or anywhere in the world!

    Service Provider Comparison

    FeaturesEasy to setup software, very reliable networkRecommended if you're streaming
    in China
    Great price, reliable service
    Money Back30 Days3 Day Trial7 Days
    Pricing$8.32 monthly$6.67 monthly$3.25 monthly


    The Best VPN for Sky Go Abroad

    express vpn home

    We rate ExpressVPN as our preferred VPN for most video streaming requirements. Although their pricing is higher than some competitors, their network is extremely stable, rarely freezing or causing poor video quality.

    Their award-winning software is also easy to configure and takes minutes to set up.


    • In our testing, they provide the fastest download speeds, which is the most important feature when judging a VPN provider for watching sports (who wants your game buffering with 1 minutes left in the match)
    • Express provided the most consistent network availability.

    UK Server Locations

    • London
    • Berkshire
    • Chessington
    • Kent
    • Maidenhead

    If you also use BitTorrent, they have servers in Hong Kong to avoid the prying eyes of GCHQ.

    PureVPN – An Affordable Alternative

    PureVPN Home

    Another good option for streaming Sky TV is PureVPN. From our testing, they’re slightly slower than Express VPN, but in the real world, this doesn’t affect your viewing experience.


    • One of the cheapest VPN services on the market.
    • Huge list of UK servers across 5 data centers

    PureVPN UK Server Locations

    • UK – Maidenhead (12 servers)
    • London (32 servers)
    • Leicester (6 servers)
    • Gosport (6 servers)
    • Manchester (6 servers)

    PureVPN provides a solid service, and if you’re not happy there’s a 7-day money back guarantee.

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    What Features Make a Top VPN for Watching Sky Go?

    • One of the most important features to look for when choosing a VPN to stream Sky is sufficient servers based in the UK.
      Providers with only a few servers will cause frustration down the track. Sky’s technical team have been known to block VPN providers, which is more difficult if they have dozens of UK servers.
    • Reliable VPN network infrastructure – Cheap VPN providers lower costs by oversubscribing their networks. Overloading causes issues where your programs will freeze, or picture quality looks terrible.
    • Easy to use VPN client software, compatible with modern devices. Eg iPhone, Macbook, Android, and Windows

    Apart from a VPN, What Else is Required to Watch Sky Go?

    1. Sky Go app installed
    2. Active Sky TV Subscription

    I’d recommend installing the app before you leave the UK, both Apple and Google block the installation of Sky’s app if you’re outside the UK. Read our guide below if you need to download the app abroad, but it’s certainly easier while you’re still at home.

    How do I Install the Android Sky Go App?

    The Google Play store restricts downloading the iPlayer app in the UK only. Here’s the workaround if you’re based overseas.

    If you own a Mac or PC, connect to an ExpressVPN UK server.

    1. Open Chrome web browser, log into the same Gmail account that’s used on your mobile device
    2. Open Google Play and search for Sky Go:
    3. Click ‘Install’ and choose the mobile device that you plan to watch BBC
    sky go at play store
    Sky Go in the Play Store

    Downloading iPlayer on Your Android Device:

    If you don’t have access to a Mac, or PC, you still download via your Mobile device. Following the same steps as above, but you’ll need to clear your Play Store cache after connecting to the UK ExpressVPN servers (the cache remembers your last known location).

    How to Clear Your Android Play Store Cache:

    1. Go to the Settings app and tap Apps.
    2. Tap the Google Play Store app listed here and long press on ‘Storage.’
    3. When you release the ‘Storage’ section, a new screen will appear showing you the ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’ buttons for the Google Play Store app

    Best Practices For Streaming Sky Go Outside the UK

    There are a couple of easy steps that you can take to improve the streaming experience watching BBC iPlayer. These simple changes can make a big difference to your streaming experience overseas.

    Try these updates if Sky Go via VPN isn’t working:

    1. Test your VPN connection can successfully stream Sky before leaving Britain. Our preferred VPN suppliers include a money back guarantee, so if you’re unable to get the setup working, request a refund and try another provider.
    2. If you’re using a laptop with a Network (Ethernet) port, and your hotel or home has access to a wired port, always use it! WiFi networks add a slight delay and often overloaded with other WiFi clients. This additional latency when abroad causes havoc streaming TV.
    3. If you don’t have access to a wired network, use WiFi rather than your Telco.
    4. Modern 4G connections will handle Sky without any issues, but 3G, GSM or CDMA (especially in developing countries) cause a frustrating experience.

    We hope that our guide helps you enjoy Sky TV on your next holiday!

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