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Use OverPlay to Surf the Web Quickly and Privately


    If you want the power to browse the Web in total privacy, without having your browsing speed negatively impacted by a VPN service, you should know that there is one reliable option. It’s known as OverPlay and it gives users to ability to access a lot more freedom online. They are able to visit websites from anywhere that they want to, while enjoying the ultimate in speed, security and flexibility.

    Features of OverPlay

    There are two forms of OverPlay services to choose from. One is SmartDNS, which allows users to enjoy every type of online media without difficulty. When you make a quick and easy change to your network settings, the service will give you the power to avoid censorship and to enjoy truly unrestricted Web access, via every form of hardware, including smart televisions, tablets and computers.

    The other option is SmartDNS plus VPN. With this service, you’ll access every feature of the SmartDNS service, plus access to a connection with encryption. Browse the Web in a safe and private manner, via your private residence of via Wi-Fi which is public.

    Software Specifications for This Service

    Both services that OverPlay offers are compatible with Mac and Windows and work on all forms of hardware, from home PCs and Macs to mobile devices.

    Security Information for OverPlay

    At present, this company has six hundred and fifty services in seventy locations, which are situated in fifty different nations. When you choose OverPlay, you’ll access encryption which is of military caliber, as well as Web browsing which is completely anonymous. The system works via OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP protocol.

    Prices and Package Facts

    A SmartDNS plan will cost just $4.16 per month when you sign on for a 12-month plan. If you prefer to pay month to month, you’ll be able to access this service for just $4.95.

    Access one full year of SmartDNS + VPN for just $8.33 per month. If you prefer, pay month to month for this service. You’ll need to spend only $9.95 when you pay by the month, rather than signing on for twelve full months of service.

    Pros of Using OverPlay

    This service is about privacy online. It’s also about enjoying privacy without any downside, such as slower browsing performance. As well, it’s compatible with every type of hardware and it is designed to be simple to get up and running. Whether you choose SmartDNS or SmartDNS + VPN, you’ll be able to access a host of practical features which safeguard your privacy and security.

    Cons of This Service

    There are free services of this type out there. However, they usually miss the mark by leaving security gaps and holes or by slowing down browsing performance, or both. Although you’ll need to spend a little money on this service, you’ll find that it’s an investment in enjoying the ultimate in online privacy. With this in mind, why not learn more about OverPlay via the official OverPlay website? Signing up is easy and it’s well worth doing!

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