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How to Use QQ Music Outside of China – UnBlock and Listen to Your Favorite Songs Overseas

use qq music when abroad
Anyone who tries to use QQ music outside of China will soon find the app has a geo-restriction, which prevents use overseas. Our tutorial will show how you can use QQ music, to listen to your favorite songs by using a VPN. How Does a VPN Unblock the QQMusic App? QQ music servers check your phone or tablet’s IP address, to confirm you're in mainland China. VPN software bypasses this geo check because your device is tunneled via China so that your device gets a local IP address. Best VPN for Listening to QQMusic We recommend two VPN providers for listening
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How to Watch BT Sport Abroad – Unblock with VPN

BT Sport is one of the most popular TV stations for sport in the UK. But unfortunately for British travelers, BT Sport online has a geo-block, making it isn't available outside of the UK. So, is there a workaround to watch BT Sport online in the US, Spain, NZ or Australia? You bet there is, and that’s why we’ve written this guide, showing it’s cheap and easy to setup BT Sports streaming. Using a VPN provider makes it appear you’re in the UK, by using a United Kingdom IP address. Our two recommended VPN providers are not only cheap but
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