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SwitchVPN Review

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    Location (India) 7.5
    Logging 7.5
    Software 7.5
    Security 7.5
    Price 9.8


    8 tech score Trying to choose a VPN provider can be a challenge.Thankfully, the folks at Switch VPN make it easy by combining so many amazing features with a ridiculously low price tag that is tough to beat.

    There are a lot of really, really exciting VPN options out there to take advantage of these days, but the truth of the matter is most of these otherwise fantastic services can be a real nightmare to set up – especially if you didn’t graduate with a degree in computer science!

    That isn’t ever going to be a problem when you decide to take advantage of everything that the Switch VPN platform has to offer.

    Feature-rich, loaded with advanced technology, and one of the fastest the BN services you can choose today, the Switch VPN platform also has the distinction of being the easiest to setup and use the VPN on the market right now.


    Any VPN that you are going to take advantage of has to be able to protect your identity and your activity online completely, and the Switch VPN platform will do all of that. Insulating all of your online activity – your browsing, your downloads, anything you stream, etc. – behind a 256-bit encryption wall, no one will ever know what it is you do online or ever be able to trace your online activities, either.

    You are also going to be able to open up the entire world of online content in a way that just isn’t possible traditionally. More and more companies are locking down content online strictly based off of geography, but that’s going to be a problem of the past for you with the Switch VPN service.

    With many IP addresses and Switch VPN servers around the world, you’ll never have to worry about getting locked out of your favorite content ever again.

    Combine all of these benefits with it installation and setup that is as close to “set it and forget it” as it gets and you’ll soon see why so many hundreds of thousands of people all over the world take advantage of the Switch VPN service today.

    How to Setup a PPTP VPN with Switch

    Price Breakdown

    The beautiful thing about the Switch VPN platform is their different price points won’t ever have you feeling like you are blowing your budget to pay for your online identity protection.

    You can start off with a basic monthly plan that is relatively inexpensive (just $11.95 per month), but you can prepay for either three months of service or 12 months of service up front and spend only $9.95 per month and $6.66 per month, respectively.

    That’s affordable!


    • This VPN is inexpensive, especially when you prepay
    • Almost effortless to install and use
    • Probably the fastest (or certainly one of the fastest) VPN options out there


    • The mobile applications from Switch VPN aren’t as robust as they could or should be
    • Lower-level plants don’t have access to the same premium level features

    Final Verdict

    Trying to choose a top VPN provider these days can be a real significant challenge.

    Thankfully, the folks at Switch VPN make it easy by combining so many amazing features with a ridiculously low price tag that is tough to beat.

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