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VyprVPN Review – One of the Most Popular VPNs on the Market

    While there are a lot of security-minded VPN solutions available to take advantage of today, many of them are built almost entirely for “computer geeks” and therefore really challenging for regular folks to take advantage of.

    That’s not going to be your problem when you take advantage of the VyprVPN service.

    This is probably what a VPN would look like if the folks over at Apple designed it – that’s how easy to use (and, honestly, how beautiful it is)! The VyprVPN platform runs on all of your Internet-connected devices, including smart TVs.

    If you want to take advantage of a killer VPN that is lightning fast, ultra-secure, and still gives you the kind of anonymous online capabilities you’re looking for, the VyprVPN platform has everything you want at affordable price points.


    Unlike the overwhelming majority of other VPN service providers out there who use third party technology and servers to provide you with your Internet anonymity (and therefore cannot guarantee your anonymity at all), the VyprVPN platform is owned entirely by a single company – and that means security is at a premium here.

    You’ll never have to worry about data collection, data tracked or any records regarding your online activities recorded while using VyprVPN. On top of that, the existing 256-bit encryption technology run on the VyprVPN platform means no one gets to “watch” your online activity in real time, either.

    Another significant benefit of owning the actual servers all over the world that are being used to create these VPN tunnels is the fact that you are going to be able to enjoy a lightning fast connection. A lot of other companies are going to slow down your bandwidth dramatically just because of the VPN technology itself; that’s not an issue here.

    This VPN service has been engineered from the ground up to improve your speeds – opening up the throttle if you will, and giving you full access to your Internet connection

    Price Breakdown

    There are a couple of different plans available out there to take advantage of these days, and all of them include a three-day free trial so that you can test drive this VPN before you make any longer-term commitments.

    The Basic plan can be taken advantage of for only $6.67 per month. The Pro plan from VyprVPN is a little bit more robust and is only going to cost you $8.33 per month. But if you want to step up to the highest performance plan available from VyprVPN you want to go with the Premium plan – and that’s only $10 per month.


    • This VPN can be taken advantage of on any mobile device
    • Full-time 24/7 every day of the year support available
    • Install on your server in about five minutes


    • No option to pay via bitcoin is available yet
    • One of the newer services without a track record for you to thoroughly investigate

    Speed, Reliability & Bandwidth

    VyprVPN performs very well across all independent speed tests. Realistically, users can expect speeds ranging from 40-60 percent of the available browsing speed. At best, we were able to reach around 69 percent of the maximum possible browsing speed, making VyprVPN an above average VPN service provider in the industry.

    You can stream videos and enjoy a few medium-sized downloads simultaneously. But if you are working on an extremely fast network, you will find that VyprVPN has its speed capped to cater to the average customer demands. VyprVPN states that they offer unlimited speeds.

    We found VyprVPN very reliable during testing, with network dropouts only occurring occasionally. There were also a couple of times that I noticed a drop off in speed. This lead to longer website loading times, as well as timeout errors. In each case, I rectified the issue by switching to a different server location.

    As you can see from the following VPN speed test on YouTube, VyprVPN does perform well when it comes to upload and download speeds.


    Discount & Coupon Codes

    As with most other VPN service providers, VyprVPN offers a three-day free trial but no refund once signed up.

    Final Verdict

    All things considered, there’s a lot to appreciate from the VyprVPN platform.

    If you’re looking to get started with a highly rated VPN network that connects you to the world anonymously but will not break your bank account in the process, the VyprVPN service is everything that you could want and then some.

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